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Thought Leadership

Testing is always part of our process. To achieve efficient costs (per clicks, impression, view, etc.) we compile regular account optimization and tests geared to meeting your business objectives. Results of optimizations and tests are always presented in a way you can understand, learn from, and deploy against other media channels. We can assist your organization in fashioning, defining or simply learning more about your target customer with digital campaigns targeted to your customer profiles.

Some Accomplishments


 Reduced cost per click by -18%

 Increased conversion rate 43%

 Reduced cost per lead -54% to a healthy $93 from a year to date average of $171

  Increased clicks  +18% as click through rate has increased 5% to a year to date record high of 2.41%

 Phone calls increased +50% and form fills increased 100%

 Despite increase lead volume +88%, we were able to reduce cost per lead -42% to $118

 Increased click-through rate +18% despite of  increasing average position +6%

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